Positively Chou Chou (Shoo Shoo)

Here I am, simply, finally, here at my new blog. The one I have put off forever. It is a feat of courage to do so, to start my own blog, for I am a very private person. I certainly get more than my fair share of attention, so I have little to no interest in more. I live a good portion of my life in the public’s eye, along with my (insert all loving, adoring adjectives and then some more) husband, Doc Scantlin, as we make people happy with our unique Big Band Show, “Doc Scantlin and his Imperial Palms Orchestra”. I count my blessings daily for the life of such utter fulfillment I have at this point. I respect that it may be fleeting, but, for now, I am blessed. Not that life is perfect, for it is very far from that. It is just that it is perfect for me. Making our living, together, with our wonderful family of musicians, making people happy, giving the small gift that is ours to give, is more than wonderful, but the private world of our making is where I dwell in bliss, where I can fully be, and where this bird finds paradise.

It has not always been so, and that is why I am writing this blog. I have arrived at that very comfortable chapter of life where I am mature enough to know myself well, but not fading yet. It is a yummy place, really, and I think it is time I play the diva card and share my memoirs of blond curls and world class galas, our humble 1930’s lifestyle, and so much more, and doing it as I am, an autistic woman.

Today is a most appropriate of days to be starting this blog. If I can figure out how, I will post it tomorrow, on Autism Positivity Day 2014. Many of the bloggers I have grown to admire and adore are posting in a massive “Flashblog” of positivity. I am more than happy with that! I am not very good at being in the trenches of activism. It harms me deeply to protest, fight, boycott, attack, and I know my limits. Also, I am in the happy business. Our band Is based in DC, where everyone is fighting for a cause. The world movers and power players from every sector come to us to escape. I shall be their refuge, not another cause. That does not mean I am not effective as an agent of change. Just the opposite. My ability to make people smile is a powerful tool, and a positive one.

And so, dear friend, I am here.


photo taken on the sly by naughty trumpet player, Anthony Neenan. I am wearing a feathered costume, while couples dance to “Dream a little Dream of Me”. I borrow Doc’s huge baton to be my magic wand, and sing and grant wishes as their “Dream Girl”. Nice work, if you can get it!


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