Love and Autism

I have a new show! I am so excited! A one woman cabaret performance I have created to share my story in a way that suits me best. On stage! Songs and storytelling, and all my heart! 


But there is a bigger story to share. Isn’t there always? I will be debuting this show at the Love and Autism Conference in San Diego Oct. 8-9. Join us! I cannot wait to meet some of the amazing speakers and friends! I am also booking this show for the general public, for I am, after all, an entertainer, and in a unique position to share perhaps a little bit about autism in an entertaining way. You can find out about those shows on our band website, Or to contact us for booking! It is a beautiful website, lovingly created by the Richard Zampella, son of Dr. Arthur Zampella, the doctor who diagnosed me as a child. Since it is our professional website, one that party planners and clients view, I felt I should posting avoid anything to do with autism, even though it is public knowledge. So I felt cold and fake, trying to post in a more businesslike way, and that doesn’t work for me in the least. It was so stressful, like all the years of hiding and faking when autism was not something one discussed. But now I am finally putting my whole self in a show, and including it on our website. And I feel complete. I go into a bit more detail about this here. So now I can say and be myself! This is a VERY big thing! 

My new little show is performed with three musicians: piano, bass, and violin for all public performances. I am also offering limited performances to worthwhile groups by singing with a digital music track when musicians are just not feasible. Since there is only so much that can be shared in the limited time of a 1 1/2 hr show, I will be using this blog to fill in my story, respond to your lovely comments, and to answer as many questions as I can. 

So, off I go to rehearse and to live, and can’t wait to share so much more! All the different me’s have finally gathered, and I will no longer divide the branded me from the real me. Doc is thrilled. Life is simple. And has become more blissful than ever! 




2 thoughts on “Love and Autism

  1. I am so happy to hear that you’ll be incorporating your entire story of who you are into your shows. Your story is one of overcoming and success despite the obstacles you faced and people need to hear it. There are so many out there who need hope and encouragement and you can bring that to them. We decided to tell Reid’s story every chance we get, and every time he performs we have people come to us and tell us how his life and music brings them so much hope for their own children. When Reid recorded his CD, he decided to call it “Imagine the Possibilities”. Now we encourage those he performs for to imagine the possibilities for their own lives and in the lives of their children. You will bring so much hope to those who hear you no matter what they may be facing. All the best to you, dear lady.

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    • Thank you, Jo! What a perfect name for Reid’s CD! Reid’s message is so positive, and you are the perfect banner-waving mom! You believe in Reid, and that means everythingđź’–


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