Merry and Bright

It is the morning of Christmas Eve, and I am working on building the New Years Eve performance, glad that the stressfest that stretches from Halloween to Christmas is almost over, and I have survived. When not performing, I find the changed social demands of the holiday very difficult. I neither give nor receive gifts […]

A Gentle Activism

I am tending to things I am good at today. Gloriously, creatively, and with great abandon. I do this with tremendous satisfaction, living my life in a sweet, gentle way, working hard to keep things humming. And life, my little world of singing and loving and laughing with Doc is a good one, and worth […]

One Pure Thought

We are in the voluptuous days of early Summer now, here on the Chesapeake Bay. Damp green smells. Sun sparkled dapples paint crowded leaf growth. White and green, light and shadow, all through a filter of sugary golden light, and the sweetest flavors of air. Not really a smell, but more a seasoning to the […]